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Blogging is no longer for just professional bloggers. Today, blogging is essential for small businesses and creatives. Blogging is a significant part of your business marketing and business branding. Let's talk about how I can help you like I have helped so many other happy businesses &Creatives ?



I run several workshops & public speaking events throughout the year. Currently, these events are only offered here in the Byron Bay Area, Australia. However, all mentoring services are offered online. 

Author, Blogger & Storyteller

I published my first book, The Hidden Camino, in 2014, which became a bestseller. Following the many requests asking me to tell more about women in history, I started up my blog. What started as a small blog, ended up opening amazing doors into even greater adventures. Today, this blog is being made into an actual book!


Thanks Louise for a great day. Great content. 

Christina, NSW, Australia

The Art of Travel Writing


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