Meet Louise Sommer!

Byron Bay based Designer, Bloggger & bestselling author.

I am storyteller, communicator and believe blogging is the voice of the future.


In fact, I believe we have only scratched the surface of the potential of blogging. 



  • Website analysis and functionality

  • Blog marketing - getting the word out!

  • Blog branding and copyrights

  • Creative writing and blog writing

  • Blog set-up (both post and blog site)

  • Graphic design and webdesign

  • Business Branding

  • Purpose and goals

  • Technical issues such as SEO, Sales funnels & automatications

  • Budget and priorities

  • Usefull Apps to make your blogging easier

  • Teaching you how to create and post blog posts yourself

  • Blog possibilites and developments

  • Short and long term planning

  • Give you tools to work through writers block

Super Soul Branding

Exceptional!​ Louise is ultra professional, inspiring and excilirating.

Rosemarie, New Zealand/Australia

Business Blog Marketing

Blogging is no longer for just professional bloggers. Today, blogging is essential for all businesses and creatives.


Blogging is a significant part of your business marketing, business brand and business customer relations. 


Let's talk about how I can help YOU, like I have helped tons of other large, small and international businesses & Creatives.


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