Dr.Jim Brown, Eme.

Ass. Professor in History, Elon University

"Wonderful experience! Louise Sommer shows us that our learning and history must be more than a passive experience."

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Louise Sommer | © Louise Sommer

In 2014, when I published the first edition of The Hidden Camino, I realised that in tracing women's place in history I was also was tracing the history of whenwhere and how, we in the Western world, started to lose our deeper connection to Life. This included the lost wisdom possessed by many of our ancient cultures. 

In understanding the ways we lost this connection, and why we lost it, we create a social-emotional space where we can heal and re-connect, thus, emancipating ourselves to step fully empowered into the future as Whole integrated beings.

Please join me on this journey as I explore Herstory and reflect on Wisdom lost in history. Let's travel back to where we lost our power so we can travel Whole and fully Empowered into the future. Together.

Welcome dear traveller. Welcome dear friend.

In Kindness,


Dr. Paul Gannon, Eme.

Ass. Professor in Education, SCU

"A true story fold with excitement, passion, and precision...

A story which leaves you feeling you have made the journey."

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