Louise Sommer.

International blogger, Edu. Psychologist & bestselling author

"For more than 30 years I have explored our human history, learning about all the unique and rich cultures that make up humanity. What I have found on this journey is the tapestry of voices that connect us all on a deep soul level beyond time and space.


Exploring our voices is a precious dance of extraordinary insights, storytelling and belonging. It is the essence of this dance that I pass on to my students and clients."

- Louise Sommer

About me & my Work

Each life, each destiny, is like a powerful thread. As we walk through life, our threads intertwine with others and together, we weave the tapestry of reality. However, it was during a research trip to Malta in 2015 that I understood the true power of connecting with our ancestors on a deep timeless soul level. When we know who we really are, where we come from and embrace the gifts of wisdom and love from our ancestors, we can only become resilient, healthy, and powerful human beings. Fear and violence will no longer be an option; only community, connectivity and authenticity will. This is why I am so passionate about storytelling and blogging. 


I have witnessed, again and again, how our voices propel the world towards a more peaceful, connecting and resolution focused mindset. This is how important you are! This is how important we all are. And this is why blogging is so important for any kind of business. Blogging is the creator; the living and educative conversation that drives these positive changes forward.


  • Do you feel a deep driving call to spread your wings and fly with joy, purpose and confidence?

  • Do you want to show up, honour your own voice and do the work needed, to let this special call soar high into the sky?


If you can say yes to the above, then I am the right mentor and educator for you. But let me tell you this; if you are looking for a quick answer and don’t want to grow and become authentic, I am not the right kind of mentor and educator for you. And it's meant in the most loving and respectful way.

If you would like to connect and get to know me more, I invite you to follow me on Facebook and join my blog group. It has become my favourite place to hang out these days.


So, who am I? Where do I come from?


I am the bestselling author of The Hidden Camino and a international blogger. I have written about Women in History for many years as part of my research and authorship. Today I write about Blogging & the Psychology of Storytelling. Through all of my programs I enable passionate entrepreneurs, creatives and business people alike to create professional and vibrant blogs for an international and multi-cultural audience.

I have a MA in Educational Psychology & a BA in Social Education, specialised in the treatment of trauma and complicated grief. I'm a born and bred Scandinavian Viking but have called Australia home for many years now. I have lived in several countries and studied Communication & Conflict Resolution at the Nizhoni Institute in New Mexico, and the Reggio Emilia Art Method in Florence, Italy.  

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"Every footstep is a story. Every step is a dance.You are Life in motion."

- Louise Sommer