Today science has proved, that our cellular memory goes back generations. It could be only one generation, or it could be from the dawn of time. We don't know, but there is no doubt that we are all products of what we call history, but living in the present creating our future every day. Our bodies are made of stardust, so who are we? Who can we really become? For me, it's not about finding a truth, but to have the courage to explore the possibilities within the stories we tell about who we are, and where we come from. It's about the bravery to push the questions we ask and dare to see where they will take us. 


In 2014, when I published the first edition of The Hidden Camino, I realised that in tracing women's place in history I had embarked on a wild adventure exploring the story of whenwhere and how, we in the Western world, had started to lose our deeper connection to Life itself. 

I also discovered, that in exploring the ways we lost this essential connection to Life, we create an powerful social-emotional space of groundbreaking change. It is, in this very space, we will heal and re-connect in such a way, that we can step into the future as Whole and truly empowered beings.

"You are not only a memory. You are a beautiful infinite story."

- Maya Ahmed

So, who am I? Well, my mother is Danish, my biological father Swedish, and my other father South African. I have lived in several countries. Moved between many extraordinary cultures who has given life to so much love and creativity in my heart. I have a degree in Educational Psychology (MA) from Scandinavia and studied the Reggio Emilia Art Method in Italy. I also went to the amazing Nizhoni School in New Mexico and studied under the visionary Chris Griscom. As such, I see my life as a constant journey off the beaten track, one eternal breath, where the past and the present are in a constant dance creating the future.

It is therefore no wonder, that I love to work with water colours and mixed media design - including graphic design. I make my own creams, oils/scrubs and balms. Yes, I even make my own bread and love to cook French and Scandinavian food. Always arrive hungry to my dinner parties! Just saying...

My first book The Hidden Camino: A spiritual journey into the heart of the pilgrimage, where nothing is as it first seems was featured at the Byron Bay Writers Festival in 2015 and went on to become a bestseller. In the following years I devoted my time and energy towards my blog, writing articles for international platforms and facilitating a lot of workshops. I am indeed working on a new book and other quite exciting creative projects to which I plan to devote more time, love and energy to in 2021 and 2022.

"We are space and light and air. We are the hum of the atom, the carbon of Earth, the face of the Divine. We are Soul Bodies."

- Chris Griscom, Soul Bodies

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