As a child I always created stage plays with props, costumes and make up. I have loved history since the day I was born and vividly imagined what it would be like 'back then' as I grew up. Going through various kinds of schools in different countries, including studying the Reggio Emilio Art Method in Florence, I ended up obtaining a MA in Educational Psychology where the personality tests told me I was the one to go to for Ideas, Problem Solving and Creativity.  And that's it; Creative Intelligence really is the secret to my success, courage and adventurous life.

I love colourful parties, just as much as I love my introvert quiet creative space. I have researched and investigated women in history, across Europe, from the mid 1990's to 2018, and I am, in every way a product of all the cultures and people who have touched my heart with generosity. As such, I see my life and work as a constant journey off the beaten track where the past and future are in a constant dance.

My first book The Hidden Camino: A spiritual journey into the heart of the pilgrimage, where nothing is as it first seems was featured at the Byron Bay Writers Festival in 2015 and went on to become a bestseller. I am current working on two new books. You can learn much more about my work and research travels via my blog, SommerNews and Instagram Stories.

Today, I create. My aim is to empower and inspire others with my knowledge and work. I teach workshops such as: Research for Writers & Storytellers, The Art of Travel Writing,  Mind, Body, Book and more. You can find my articles on international online platforms such as Feminism in Religion and the Goddess Pages. You can learn more about my work as an Art Designer and Business Branding Coach here.


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