Louise Sommer

Educational Psychologist, Facilitator & bestselling author

"For more than 30 years I have explored our human history, learning about all the unique and rich cultures that make up humanity. What I have found on this journey is the tapestry of voices that connect us all on a deep collective level beyond time and space.


Exploring our voices is a precious dance of extraordinary insights, storytelling and belonging. It is the knowing and how-to of this dance, that I pass on to my students and clients."

- Louise Sommer


My inspiration

It was some experiences on a research trip to Malta back in 2015 that showed me just how essential it is that we connect as a global colourful family and fearlessly explore our magnificent cosmic heritage in such a way, that we uplift each other into a peaceful, vibrant future with our knowledge, strength and compassion. This is why, I consider our stories and voices so important, as they are the ones, that create our future. 

No knowledge is truly lost. No wisdom is ever truly forgotten, and no-one can truly destroy who we are and our rightful human legacy. For our bodies are made of Stardust and our cellular memories goes back to the beginning of time. This makes each and every one of us a living library of creation, a story, that connects us to Life and each other beyond space and time. 

When you work with me to amplify your true purpose, as a voice in this world, you will not just discover the magnificent insights and possibilities you are made off, you will also learn to embody the magnificent uniqueness of your voice! To me, the unsung potential of the eclectic style of blogging is one of the most educative, connective and uplifting platforms available to us.

Hi! My name is Louise Sommer, and I am specialised in everything to do with blogging. I teach successful business owners from all over the world, how to create and expand a professional blog business for an international and multi-cultural audience. My expertise is vast and complex as it includes everything from: blog online business, blog marketing and education, the psychology of creative storytelling, business expansion and blog branding. 


I grew up in Scandinavia but call Australia home. I have lived / studied in Italy, the USA and Thailand, and feel very lucky because I grew up in such a way, that I became connected to a whole tapestry of cultures and artistic storytelling. I am in deed a product of all these cultures and the generousity of their love and friendship.

My first book The Hidden Camino: A spiritual journey into the heart of the pilgrimage, where nothing is as it first seems was featured at the Byron Bay Writers Festival and went on to become a bestseller. You can learn more about my book and research in my hereThe Hidden Camino opened the door into my highly popular and loved blog about herstory, and you can still read some of the posts here. Today I focus more on the psychology of storytelling and the cultural-spiritual importance of being a storyteller.


A message from Louise

"Our world desperately needs connecting storytelling and insightful conversations, which build bridges instead of walls. Blogging is a powerful ally for you on this journey. It is now time for us to allow the beauty of our authentic voices to connect across borders, boundaries, different languages and cultures. Blogging doesn't require that you write like a best-selling author. Blogging is all about passionate and personal storytelling that other people can relate to. The big work however, lies within the development and maintanence of your blog ECO-system. Most importantly, know that blogging has ENDLESS POSSIBILITES and there is never just one way to tell a story. So let's talk about your blog. Let's start today!"

- Louise Sommer

"Rise Crone, beat your drum

come, soulful storytellers

rise like the phoenix from the ashes

let the winds spread your songs of life

dance your wisdom into the Earth

remind us of the magic of the Stars

help us remember,

the journey


by Louise Sommer