Louise Sommer

MA Educational Psychologist and bestselling Author. I used to run an international blog about women in history through the eyes of Social Constructionism. Today I blog about travels, herstory and the narratives we tell about history.



"The World needs Our True Stories more than Ever! It's time to tell Yours."


Louise Sommer

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Many have called me a child of the World which I think is very poetic. I suppose it's not completely wrong as I am a Danish-South African-Swedish woman living in Australia. My education has been obtained in the US, Italy and Denmark. I have even been a student at the Nizhoni Institute in New Mexico.


I am an international blogger who has run a major blog on women in history and religion for the past 7 years. This blog is currently being converted into a book (yay!) which will leave more room for new stories about creative living and travel writing. 


I am frequently invited to write for major international online blogging and run several workshops on creative writing, blogging and business branding. You can learn more about my workshops here. I love to teach my many workshops and have run more than 50 workshops and events the last 5 years. I now work on converting some of these workshops into amazing and super powerful online courses.


My first book The Hidden Camino: A spiritual journey into the heart of the pilgrimage, where nothing is as it first seems was featured at the Byron Bay Writers Festival in 2015 and went on to become a bestseller.  


Blogging and Me - in Love!

"I have witnessed again and again how my approach to blogging empower, not just the bloggers, but also their readers. When creating conversations that cultivate empowered connections throughout every culture, we can change the world, one word at the time."

- Louise Sommer


My Story with Blogging.

When I started researching women in history back in the 1990’s, I became acutely aware of the many cultural stories that had been left untold. I realised just how over-simplified these stories, about who we were and where we came from, had become. 

This made me realise, storytelling is the very language of the human soul. The most common ways for us to share our stories are via dance, music, mythology, gossip, conversations, written works and the storytelling of indigenous peoples.


To me, blogging is the modern platform that can embrace all of these voices in all of their colours! This makes the possibilities as a blogger, endless. The essence of storytelling is ingrained in all of us. This makes all of our stories important. They are the colours of our human fabric that bind us to the endless tapestry of life. 


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