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Bonjour, Hej & Hello!
I am Louise Sommer.

It was some experiences on a research trip to Malta back in 2015 that made me realise how important it is that we connect as a global, vibrant family through educative and curious conversations.


Blogging is one of the most powerful platforms available for these conversations as it allows our deeper stories and authentic voices to connect in such a way, that they create our future. This is the very potential of Creative Storytelling aka. blogging.


Right, so who am I? I am an Educational Psychologist (MA), a graphic designer, blog business mentor and collage Artist. I'm also a bestselling author and workshop facilitator. 


I am specialised in professional business blogging and creative storytelling for online businesses. I teach all levels of bloggers, successful business owners and cultural visionaries, how to create and expand a sustainable blog business for an international and multi-cultural audience. My expertise is vast and complex as it includes everything from: coaching, teaching, graphic design, blog marketing, creative storytelling, all the tech and how-to as well as creativity and psychology. 


I am, as you might have guessed, a cultural gypsy. I grew up in Scandinavia but call Australia home. I have lived / studied in Italy, the USA and Thailand, and feel very lucky because I grew up in such a cultural complex way, that I became connected to a whole tapestry of cultures and artistic storytelling. I am in deed a product of all these beautiful cultures and the generousity of their love, inclusion and friendship.

My first book The Hidden Camino: A spiritual journey into the heart of the pilgrimage, where nothing is as it first seems was featured at the Byron Bay Writers Festival and went on to become a bestseller. I reseached women's position in European history between the mid 1990's and 2019 through the eyes of narrative psychology and Socal Constructionism. My research was based to extensive travelling off the beaten track across the North and South of Europe. You can learn more about my book and research hereThe Hidden Camino opened the door into my highly popular and loved blog about herstory. You can still read a collection it here.


To me, creative explorative storytelling is essential for our collective human journey. The essence of my work, is helping people finding their authentic voice and give them the tools they need, to be able, to create inspiring, educative and inclusive conversations.

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