• Have you been blogging for a while but feel you're not really where you want to be?

  • Have you started a great blog project just to abandon it?

  • Do you suffer from writers block, creative insecurities & blockages?

  • Do you want to stand out with clarity, authenticity and visibilty?

  • Are you looking for an intense, in-depth and personal acceleration boost that will help you spread your wings and fly to a place of creative joy, confidence and success?

In this deep and transformative blog coaching program, you and I will work together:


  • Once a week.

  • For one hour.

  • For six consecutive weeks.

  • Meetings will be via zoom.

  • You will receive your own recorded copy of our sessions so that you can re-watch them as many times as you need.

You will also receive:

  • Optional (but highly recommended) exercises for you to work with between our sessions.

  • A special SHINE! process e-book that we will work with during the 6 weeks.

  • Two beskpoke visualisations/meditations that I create especially for you to support your unique journey and proces.

This program is for those of you who:

  •  Want to go into a deep transformative and emancipating creative process.

  •  Who are ready to SHINE your purpose and gift.

  •  Know that you have so much more to give to world via your blog.

  •  Long to start globally transforming, educative and helpful conversations.

  •  Are willing to show up, commit and do the work needed - every single week.

  •  Want to stand out in your field with clarity, authenticity and visibility.

  •  Long to connect with your spiritual inheritance as a storyteller and global citizen.

If you can say YES to the above, I promise you:

  • I will show up to every session fully committed and with a clear focus.

  • I will create a safe, emotionel and creative space, where you can find your voice and spread your blogger wings.

  • I will meet you where you are, listen to you and walk together with you.


Come, it's time to spread your Wings and Fly!
Allow yourself to soar on the Winds of Your Own Creative Heartbeat.
To Sing Your Song. To Dance Your Dance.

It's time to SHINE your light, your gift.

With love,

You choose what topics you want to focus on during the 6 weeks. However, unless we have worked together before, we will spend part of the first session to clarify, deepen and map out your purpose as it is crucial for our journey together. This will also ensure you can get the best and the most out of this program.

The 6 weeks will consist of a mix of coaching, teaching, hands-on work, mindfulness, mentoring, creative exercises and deeper psychological exercises regarding finding your voice and authentic storytelling. 

You can read a selection of testimonials from clients and students here.

You can also read about how I work here.

If you feel that SHINE! is the right program for you, please contact me here and request a 15 min. free clarification zoom call. As I only have a limited amount of spaces for SHINE! throughout the year, it's a good idea to book early.

Please make sure that you familiarise yourself with my Bookings & Cancellation Policy and the information above about this program.

The price for SHINE! is AU$999 (all taxes included.)