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An online workshop

Marketing your blog is quite different to the usual online marketing routines. The possibilities, and the creative potential, are much bigger and flexible when marketing a blog.


This workshop will teach you everything you need to know, to not only navigate the landscape of blog marketing, but also to see the unique marketing potential, in your own blog.


You will get to work on your own blog marketing during the sessions, and map out a blog marketing plan for yourself, at the end. 


Your guide and facilitator, Louise Sommer

We will be covering the following during our three sessions together:

  • The landscape of modern blogging.

  • The language of modern blogging.

  • The marketing potential the blog landscape creates.

  • Authentic Marketing.

  • How to write professional letters.

  • Professional Networking.

  • Networking as marketing.

  • How to understand and use the different Social Media platforms.

  • Paid advertisement.

  • Getting the world out; emails.

  • SEO: domain names, social media names, hashtags, AI.

  • Getting to know your readers.

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