Blogging Bootcamp

I run several workshops & public speaking events throughout the year. Currently, these events are only offered here in the Byron Bay Area, Australia.

However, all mentoring services are offered online.


Learn how to create and run an international, professional and captivating blog that impresses.


Join professional blogger, writer and art designer Louise Sommer for two days, and learn the ropes of creating a great blog; from the visual design to writing, the content, structure, branding, SEO and getting the word out!

Professional blogging demands great content, a visually inviting and pleasing look – all created through careful planning, clear product branding and a great passion to share your interest with others. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, cook or fitness instructor.


Every business needs to have a high-quality blog to tell the story of your brand and business products.

NB. This workshop is for both those who want to start up a professional blog and for those who are already running a blog and wants to upgrade it.