Blogging Bootcamp

6 weeks - 6 keystones

A 6 week journey into mastering the keystones of successful blogging.

Have you ever wished you could create and manage your own blog, in a confident way, where you were in total control of what you were doing?

And at the same time reach your target audience in an authentic and inspiring way?

If so, then this course is for you! 


Welcome to your amazing blog adventure.

I am Louise, your guide.

Join professional blogger, writer and graphic designer Louise Sommer and learn the major Keystones to creating a professional, successful and sustainable blog.

We use to say that every business needs to have a high-quality blog to tell the story of their brand and business products.


Today the concept of blogging has changed dramatically, and expanded so much, that it literally holds infinite possibilities. Blogging is no longer a simple recipe where you go from A to B to C. Today, blogging is about understanding a complex landscape of possibilities that allows the blogger to create their own unique way to achieve success. The blog landscape consists of six major keystones.

This course will teach you these six major keystones. One keystone a week.


If you sign up for the 6-week Blogging Bootcamp course before 10th December,

you will:


The 6 keystones
Your 6 weekly sessions

Keystone 1 (Week 1): Your purpose

In week one, I will address important questions such as, what is blogging today? Why blog? Can anyone blog, and why should I care about blogging? We will then spend the remainder of the session working in depth with ‘the purpose’. 


Keystone 2 (Week 2): Creating a strong foundation that serves your purpose

We will continue with what we learnt in week 1 and dive into SEO (search engine optimization), Power words and being found by your right kind of audience.


Keystone 3 (Week 3): Building your blog

The third keystone is all about understanding copyrights and the use of multi-media, such as photos and videos. We will also learn about safety, safe online behaviour, policies, planning and budget.


Keystone 4 (Week 4): Behind your brand 

‘Branding’ is the big buzz word these days. In this session we will go behind the mainstream opinions and explore the psychological and practical aspects of why branding is such a big thing. We will look at several different aspects, such as how to make your brand work for you and about branding in action.


Keystone 5 (Week 5): The Creative Content & trustworthiness

All the “how, when and what”, in regards to the creative content. We will cover several topics here. Some of them will be about how to set up a good blog post, when to post and a look at what good blog language is. 


Keystone 6 (Week 6): From take-off to expansion

In this final session, we will be looking at how to build the right kind of foundation that will cultivate expansion and new opportunities in the future in line with your authentic voice and purpose. This is where all our work, from each keystone, will come together and your own unique blog journey will be mapped out.

In this 6-week course, I will:

- teach you the six major key stones that together create the foundation for a successful, sustainable and vibrant blog (ie. a professional blog.)

- enable you to identify the possibilities and the unique potential for your blog project and your voice.

- support your own personal journey via our weekly Q&A sessions. 

- teach you the ‘secrets’ of how to stay in control of the ‘blog monster’.

- teach you the psychology behind blogging and branding. It is the psychology that will help you stay in control both in the short term and long term.

- teach you how to build the kind of blog foundation that will cultivate a sustainable and organic blog expansion.

- guide you how to create a trustworthy brand that will utilize your authentic voice and empower your purpose.

- talk about safe online behaviour and healthy boundaries that are ever so important once we enter the public internet arena.

- give you, and our group, personal feedback and support every week through our Q&A.

What students say about Louise's blogging workshops

"I loved the blogging bootcamp, it gave me the knowledge and inspiration to give my old blog a new life. Louise is a great teacher, giving good opportunity for asking questions and practical application of skills. I highly recommend this course."

Byron College website

Louise is very genuine and facilitates the course from her heart and with so much respect. The course content is so informative and helpful for those already blogging or wanting to blog. Louise creates a comfortable space to ask questions, to consolidate your learning and review the next steps for you to take for your project. A true teacher and mentor !

Araba Mishiwo

B&B Owner


Blogging Bootcamp

Teaching style & learning process

To create a deeper learning-process I use a right-left brain approach. Each week will include education followed by creative exercises where you work with the material taught. This will allow you to implement the material onto your own blog project. We will then meet for our Q&A later in the week where you can receive feedback on the work that you have done - should you choose to share your work with the group. To get the best out of my support to your work, you should work with the information covered and show up to the live Q&A. 

The result: Each week will add one more layer to the ‘blog landscape’ which will enable you to master the different keystoneswhich will enable you to gain control of both your blog and blog journey.

Please note:
This course, and the Q&A’s, will be recorded for future use and sale.
By buying this course you fully accept to this condition.
General information
Online via ZOOM

Replay available until 1 April 2023
Closed Facebook group
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All students can request a course diploma via email once they have completed the workshop. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.
Course dates: 2023
January 8th   keystone 1
January 15th   keystone 2
January 22nd   keystone 3
January 29th   keystone 4
February 5th   keystone 5
February 12th   keystone 6
Course time & time zones
4PM-5PM Sydney, Australia (AEDT)
6:00-7:00 Copenhagen, Denmark

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If you sign up for the 6-week Blogging Bootcamp course before 10th December,

you will:

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