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Writing - Creativity - Emancipation

Tours for those of you seeking something Out of the Ordinary,
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Information about my Tours

Responsible travel

It's important to me, that my tours do not create any stress on the local communities that we visit. On my tours, we stay only in hotels and eat at restaurants owned and operated by the locals. This also means, that the food we eat will be produced by local farmers and businesses.

Small close groups / sacred space

Being in a small group allows us all to dive deep into a sacred space within ourselves and together as a group. Journeying together on this sacred path of the hidden camino where we re-connect with our cultural legacy, herstory and innate spirituality. All which will empower our deepest sense of identity and unlock our true living voices. 

What's up next?

Helloworld Travel Lismore City

It is part of my ethics, that my tours support local businesses. I am therefore proud that the amazing team behind Helloworld Travel Lismore City has teamed up with me to create these immense tours and experiences. 

My passion, Your Enjoyment

Since the 1990’s I have professionally travelled across Europe tracing iconography, cultural movements and historical elements that were ignored by history. These things led me to truly understand just how removed women were from history. My travels also showed me the extraordinary and powerful legacy that has been left behind by women. It is my passion to open and show this empowering world to you.

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