Blog Services

1-1 Consultations

Solutions especially for you.

  • Blog branding

  • Creative blocks

  • Technical web issues

  • SEO

  • Newsletters & automatisations

  • Business plan 

  • Blog Marketing

  • Blog training of all kinds

  • Creative writing

  • Planning, development & budget

All consultations are via ZOOM and will be recorded for your convience.

Please read the booking policy here.

Price: 1 hour is AU$99 (incl. taxes)

All 1-1 services are available in both English and Danish.

Blog web design

When you want to stand out and Shine!

Most of my clients ask if I can create and set up their blog website design.


All of my website designs and graphic designs are unique, fresh and bespoke to fit your voice, your brand and your purpose. I never reuse a design, so you can be confident that the website I design for you, will be beautifully authentic in every way.

If we haven't worked together before, I suggest you book a zoom consultation or join one of my workshops. It's a good way to get to know me, but it's also a good way to receive coaching to get the best out of your time, potential and budget.


Price: As per quote.

All 1-1 services are available in both English and Danish.