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Science has proved, that our cellular memory goes back generations. It could be only one generation, or it could be from the dawn of time. We are all products of the past, living in the present creating our future every day. Our bodies are made of stardust, so who are we? What can we become?

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Educational Psychologist (MA), Writer, Psychotherapist & Educator. My educational road has taken me through many countries and cultures. I have researched women in history for nearly 20 years and teach travel writing, blogging, research and creative thinking to Soulfull storytellers.

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Join me as I explore our human legacy, history and reflect on Wisdom lost in the sands of time. Let's travel off the beaten track so we can reclaim our deepest gifts, talents and legacy so we can move Whole and fully Empowered into the future. Together. As Creators, Friends and Explores.

  • Louise Sommer

Thank Artemis for the Light

Here's another example showing how many of our well-known traditions originate from our early goddess cultures. In this case, the candles on our birthday cakes! Who knew that the idea about a 'birthday cake' came from ancient Rome?

The story goes, that is was the cult of Artemis who came up with the idea to put real lit candles on their birthday cakes as a way of honoring their goddess.

The lit candles were a symbol of the shining moon - one of Artemis symbols. Artemis is one of the Goddesses who originates from Cybele; The Mother of Gods, Born of Oneness.

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