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Hera; Once Powerful, Now Hidden in the Shades of Zeus

Readers of The Hidden Camino know how women throughout history has been ignored and suppressed. Yet another one, is the ancient Greek goddess Hera.

Emma Stafford describes how Hera's 'reputation' and recognition has changed throughout history. Emma writes in "Ancient Greece - Life, Myth and Art" (2004) p.56-57:

"Despite her rather negative portrayal in myth, Hera was widely worshiped alongside Zeus as a patron of marriage, and in her own right she was the dedicant of some of the oldest and most important temples in Greece... At Olympia, Hera's late seventh-century temple is considerably older than that of Zeus, and a quadrennial festival was held in her honor, organized by women and with races for girls."

So not only is Hera's temple older than Zeus, she was also worshipped in her own right - and before Zeus. The interesting thing is, that the more one look into Hera, old sacred traditions like the "Hieros Gamos" (sacred marriage) and the sacred veil, carried by those initiatied into the ancient mysteries, appear. These small 'issues' are really important and they tell a lot about her and her teachings, but also how they are being ignored today.

On the picture above is Hera, lifting her sacred veil in the holy ceremony of Hieros Gamos.

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