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The Road to Q'ero

In my book The Hidden Camino I touch on the subjects of ancient cultures and shamanism. This beautiful DVD depicts a familys' intimate travels with a shaman from the Q'ero people in Peru, South America. Picaflor Productions are the producers of this DVD. They believe in the documentary's message so much that that they have made it accessible online, for free. You can find the link to the movie at the bottom of this blog post.

I was 21 years old when I first travelled to Peru. It was also the first time I had visited a country that wasn't 'a rich country from the West'. The culture and people I met in Peru touched me deeply. Meeting this incredible ancient culture and their vibrant people, provided much food for thought for the young women I was back then. In particular it made me question the world of my own 'rich' Western society and the concept of 'happiness'. I will not dwell on these experiences here but only wish to illustrate that Peru, ever since, holds a special place in my heart. So when I heard about this documentary I immediately went online to watch it and enjoyed it immensely.

In the documentary we follow an American family and their journey with a Q'ero shaman. Along the journey we gain insight into the world of the shaman, his tradition and the impact his work has on the American family.

I especially enjoy where the shaman talks about the legends of his ancient culture, the Inca's, and how they 'predicted' the change of time today. As he says "we the people have to make it (the change) happen" - not a God or Superman, but us, we the people inhabiting this world. In it's own quiet way, the film allows the viewer to be a part of the travel, and to reflect upon what is being experienced. So get comfortable and prepare for a wonderful adventure across the mountains of Peru.

You can watch The Road to Q'ero here (use this code to gain access: qeroayni13)

Please donate even just a small amount for watching the movie. In doing so you support the production of art and special documentaries like this one.

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