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Science shows us, that our cellular memory goes back many generations. It could be only one generation, or it could be from the dawn of time.

What if we started to explore our history with fresh eyes & new questions? Who would we become?

What possible future could we then create? How would we view ourselves?

Then ask yourself

  • Louise Sommer

My bookshelf: The Celestine Prophecy

When I was a young woman, 20 years of age in fact, I travelled to a special school called Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness in New Mexico. You will learn more about this experience in my next book, but it was around this time that James Redfield's huge best-seller The Celestine Prophecy came out (1993).

Everywhere I went people seemed to be talking about the book; even as I was crossing a parking lot heading for the grocery store, going up into the mountain Springs in California and looking around the many art galleries in San Francisco. So I read the book too of course. I was young, and my english wasn't very good, so I didn't understand it all, but I liked the book. More than twenty years later, having just moved to Australia, I passed a big pile of books at some friends house. In the middle of all the book titles I spotted The Celestine Prophecy and felt compelled to read it again. And so I did - and it was good! Like, really good! In fact, I think this is one of the better spiritual books written. It is a great adventure into Peru; action, ancient texts and ruins, discoveries and good character development. In this context Redfield manages to not only illustrate a psychology that otherwise can be difficult to easily understand, he also delivers it in an interesting and relevant way.

I discovered that the book had also been made into a movie. Initially, after my first viewing, I was quite disappointed as it appeared a bit like a B-movie. However, it grew on me and I have now seen it three times. I do recommend that you read the book as it is so much better than the movie. But if you are not a reader, here's the movie.

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