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The Living Earth

In my book, The Hidden Camino, I shared experiences where I felt how alive the Earth, and the nature around, me was. At one point, when reaching Galicia, I wrote:

"... I had really come to cherish the silent tranquility I experienced in the nature around me. Up here, I could really feel the flow of life than ran through

the earth and beneath my feet."

(The Hidden Camino, p.225, 1.edition)

New research from various universities has proved that not only do plants communicate via a network of funguses, plants also communate via sounds. Nic Fleming from BBC, writes in his article:

"The more we learn about these underground networks, the more our ideas about plants have to change. They aren't just sitting there quietly growing. By linking to the fungal network they can help out their neighbours by sharing nutrients and information – or sabotage unwelcome plants by spreading toxic chemicals through the network. This "wood wide web", it turns out, even has its own version of cybercrime." Link to BBC article here

In 1973, a South African botanist, Lyall Watcon, claimed that plants had emotions. As might be expected, Watcon's theory was dismissed by the scientific community. However, today is a different story as science now can confirm that plants actually talk and listen to each other. They obviously don't talk like us humans, but they have their own unique language that we are now learning. It is quite extraordinary as it shows that what humans seem to have known since the beginning of time, the Earth is Alive. It is LIFE and everything is connected! We are just speaking different languages.

Medical Daily has published a really good article about how plants communicate, and how the research has come about. One of the researchers on the program, played a sound wave of 220 Hz. The sound frequence matching the 'clicking sounds' produced by the plants. When playing this sound, the flower would lean towards the source of the sound wave. Just like it does with sunlight. The sound waves of 220 Hz is really interesting, as it is very close to the sound waves used in ancient temples and underground chambers around the world. A sound that makes humans experience a higher level of consciousness.

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