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The Secret of Eldorado

Now, this documentary is quite different to the other ones that I post here on my blog. And you could ask: "what does this one have to do with The Hidden Camino or ancient Europe?". Well, it sort of does and dosen't...

In my book (The Hidden Camino) I reflect a lot about the ancient history of Europe and how history in general is being taught and passed on from generation to generation. The discoveries I made along the Camino, made me realise how much our history means and how it continues to consitute how we see and understand men, women, spirituality - almost everything about our selves.

The Secret of Eldorado documentary

Many of us have grown up with the teaching that any civilization before us (that is, before Christianity) were babarians and primitive - to say the least. The 'truth' is, that this 'truth' couldn't be further from the 'truth'. This very undramatic, but non the less interesting documentary, gives another down to earth example of the wisdom of these ancient people. And this little piece of wisdom might very well be the one who could help save our eco-systems across the world. Watch and learn... The true gem of the documentary comes in the end.

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