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On Women and Divinity in Religion

So many people are interested in women and history, and several good documentaries have been made. Unfortunately, these TV programs have a tendency to disappear in all the other materials that keeps holding women's importance in history and divinity out of the public eye. I discussed in a former blog post the issue that some of the best documentaries that look at women's importance in spirituality, history and religion, have been removed from the internet. However, here is a list of what I have seen so far and what I can recommend.

Please note, that this list also contains those removed from the internet. However, you should be able to find links on my blog to most of the documentaries as I update them when possible. Just look look under the tag called 'documentary'.

By Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou

Episode 2: Biblical Archaeology: 'The Wife of God' (BBC Documentary)

This episode is about Asherah -The Queen of Heavens, whom I mention in my book The Hidden Camino.

Link to BBC program here

Episode 3: Biblical Archaeology: Discovering Eden (BBC Documentary) This is a very interesting episode as it asks some important questions about women in religion.

Link to BBC program here

With Bethany Huges

Important BBC produced documentaries. Amongst other things, these documentaries deals with how The Great Goddess was removed by Christianity.

Divine Women -- Divine Women

Divine Women -- Handmaids of the Gods

Divine Women -- War of the Words

Divine Women -- When God was a Girl

You can buy all 4 Divine Women programs directly from BBC here

The Bible: A History - THE DAUGHTERS OF EVE

The Bible's Buried Secrets (A NOVA documentary found in the link below)

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