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Forbidden Archaeology?


I feel like I should write a lot about this documentary, which is based on the book Forbidden Archaeology by Michael Cremo and Dr. Richard Thompson (published 1993). But to be honest, I prefer you just watch it yourself so you can make up your own mind about it. All I want to say is that this documentary was made 19 or 20 years ago. The fashion alone will show this (oh, yeah!) However, this long 20 year time span also indicates that science has gained so much more knowledge and insights to the issues addressed here.






Many more ancient, and very advanced civilizations, have been found and science in general, has embraced more of our complicated history of origins, admitting, there is so much we still don't know. Understanding humans and our origins is an ongoing adventure which I think is a beautiful issue we must keep in mind.




The Mysterious Origins of Man documentary




A note: I agree with Graham Hancock (and if you have read my book The Hidden Camino, you'll understand why) when he says in the end of the documentary: "We are a species with amnesia. We have forgotten something of great importance from our own past...Our civilization isn't the apex of creation..."


You can visit Michael Cremo's website here. It's filled with lots of good information. However, you might enjoy these links as well: 



Were Women of Ancient Petra (Jordan) more Important than the Men?


What the Mysterious Scrolls Tells Us About the Women in ancient Petra



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