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Marija Gimbutas; The Archaeologist who Changed the Game


Where academic criticism is always nessecary for the evolution of knowledge, one must also keep in mind, that the research of Marija Gimbutas is a 'threat' to many as she, more than anyone, challenges the old views on women, history, our ancient past and women as spiritual authorities. I think Gimbutas work is well presented in the documentary below (split into two links), and I highly recommend watching them if you are interested in the topics touched in The Hidden Camino.



The quality of Part 1 is poor at the beginning but gets better after five minutes, so hang on as it is worth watching. Both links goes through the work of Marija Gimbutas, whom I referred to in The Hidden Camino, and is a great introduction and 'timeline' for her groundbreaking research. 


Part 1



Part 2



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