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When God was a Girl

This is fantastic! The links to the three episodes of BBC's documentary Divine Women are constantly being removed from Youtube and not available through BBC's own website - which is a shame. However, the other day I tried another desperate attempt to locate these episodes, and I succeeded! 



When God was A Girl, Handmaids of the Gods and War of the Words  are excellent and extremely important documentaries about women, God and divinity! Bettany Huges, the hostess, is also very good and I have enjoyed many of her other documentaries.


As a comment to the title, When God was a Girl, I do find it rather odd, if not condescending, that the BBC chose 'When God was a girl'. We would never say 'When God was a boy', would we? And if someone actually did, he most likely would be accused of blasphemy!


Please use the links below to go directly to each episode. Each link features the full length episode.


Divine Women: When God was a Girl (Episode 1)


Divine Women: Handmaids of the Gods (Episode 2)


Divine Women: War of the Words (Episode 3)





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