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Did God have a Wife? Important Documentaries


Following up on the controversial themes I approached in my book The Hidden Camino, I post once or twice a year a list of recommended and high quality documentaries about Women, Religion and Divinity. In my opinion two of the most important documentaries are those featuring Exeter Professor and biblical scholar, Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulou, and are called Did God have a Wife? and The Real Garden of Eden. Both have stirred an enormous controversy and angst towards Dr. Stavrakopoulou. 



For well over two years these BBC documentaries have for some reason, been removed from Youtube, BBC's own website and what seemed the rest of the internet. However, after another internet search for these documentaries last week, I finally succeeded!! So here they are friends. Watch them, for they are brilliant.



Bible's buried Secrets: Did King David's empire exist? (Episode 1)


Bible's buried Secrets: Did God have a Wife? (Episode 2)


Bible's buried Secrets: The Real Garden of Eden (Episode 3)


Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulou has a BA, MA, P.hd and DPhil from University of Oxford. She is a professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Religion at Exeter University as well as being Head of Theology and Religion. She is also the author of several books. You can find a link to Dr. Stavrakopoulou's publications here.



Since 2010 when the Bible's buried Secrets was produced, more evidence about Asherah has surfaced. And there is no question whatsoever, that Asherah existed and was considered an absolute equal to her male counterpart. Here's a link to a more recent article about new findings related to Asherah.


The strong (and often angry) response to the issue that Asherah was equal to her male counterpart and an expression of the Divine in her own right, often puzzles me. I dont' understand all this hate ( fear?) about women being a symbol for the divine.


In my eyes, the issues of gender, race, colour and status have nothing to do with the true expression of the Divine Creation, as they are socially constructed. As long as we remain in our usual destructive and habitual patterns, we will remain numb, blind and deaf to all the deep and beautiful teachings from our past. 



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