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The Symbolism of the Sacred Serpent

In my book, The Hidden Camino, the 'hidden' connection between our innate spirituality, the important symbolism of the serpent and all the ancient goddess cultures throughout old Europe, plays a very important part.


I thought it might be interesting for the reader to see some examples of how the relationship between The Holy Trinity; the goddess, the serpent and our innate spirituality, has been depicted throughout history. 



This little video  is really good because it shows art from various cultures. It does, however, not touch on India, the area where the snake symbolised Kundalini.  A term that refere to our innate and the ever present Life Force that runs within us and throughtout everything.



"... Studies of many indigenous, ancient cultures throughout the world, including their shamanistic practices, showed that the serpent-dragon as a symbol has been around since the earliest of times (Narby, J. (1986) The Cosmic Serpent - DNA and the Origins of Knowledge.) What was interesting here -



was that all these cultures, independent of each other, described meeting serpent-dragon shaped creatures during their shamanistic journeys. When the drawings of these creatures, as well as drawings from other shamanistic experiences, were later studied, it became obvious that what they were really describing was the helical pattern and make-up of our own DNA. But these cultures didn't have the scientific technique to understand this, so the DNA took a shape that was well known to them; the S shape of a serpent. And so the snake came to symbolise the seed of all knowledge and spirituality."


(The Hidden Camino (2016) 2nd edition, Yellow Bird Press)





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