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Ancient Knowledge; The Book of Thoth

I first saw this documentary on an Australian SBS channel a while ago. It was just playing in the background as I waited for another program to start, but I quickly realised that this program was interesting. Very interesting.


The title of the documentary, The Hunt for the Book of Spells, can be discussed as I don't think it gives credit to what it really is about. The 'Book of Spells' is really refering to The Book of Thoth - a large collection of ancient Egyptian texts that some believe are written by the Egyptian God of Wisdom, Thoth.



Firstly the program explores these documents and the trail of thoughts that surrounds them. Afterwards, the program moves on to focus on an American, who had created his own interpretation of The Book of Thoth - he even invented Tarot cards with the same name. Unfortunately, this very same person was also the man who created a cult around his interpretation of the book; a cult that practiced severe sexual abuse of children and it's members.



The documentary ends with a discussion of whether The Book of Thoth actually existed at all. This discussion is really important, as it opens up to a deeper look into who actually wrote these texts. And even though this isn't mentioned in the program, the origins of these texts seems to have a close link to what later became known as Alchemy. 


All in all, this documentary shows how our ancient history can be such a labyrinth of facts, turns, abuses and twists. However, what I liked most in the program was when they shared a little piece of information that was written in the original papers known as The Book of Thoth;



"Humans were set in a world of beauty so they could create beautiful things"



That's a pretty awesome statement, isn't it?



Ancient Knowledge; The documentary



VIDEO LINK: I apologize as the documentary has been removed from all online services.

Louise, June 2017



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