Reclaim your voice. Explore your story. Expand your creativity.
This online workshop will help you reclaim your voice, explore your story and expand your creativity. It is designed for business owners, creatives and bloggers.

Soul, Body, Creativity is a workshop full of personal development and an adventurous journey into our own unique and magnificent creativity and voice.

It's time to say goodbye to writers block, creators block, procrastination and self-doubt and HELLO to creative self-worth, inspiration and creative empowerment.

Meet your guide and mentor, Louise Sommer.

Course information

This course is online via ZOOM
Replay is available until 1 March 2023

Course dates:
January 21st 
January 28th
February 4th 

This course is 3 online sessions and 6 hours in total.

Time / time zones:
Sydney, Australia time (AEDT)
20:00-22:00 Copenhagen, Denmark time

Price (Australian dollars):
$159 + Eventbrite ticket fee
This is what our sessions will look like:

Session 1: Reclaim your voice

This session will focus on your ancestors. We will be doing healing work, creative exercises and connect with the unique storytelling gifts you have inherited from your ancestors.


Session 2: Explore your story

It’s time to explore your story, your voice and your own unique language.


Session 3: Expand your creativity

And now we are ready to begin the deep and empowering work on your own creativity. To find the hidden gems and bring them out into the light.


All sessions are interactive, where we alternate between lectures, creative exercises and sharing if you feel comfortable.


I would like to encourage you to continue working with the exercises and your own personal development, between our sessions, so that you will get the best out of the course. However, this is only my suggestion, not a requirement.