"The World needs Our True Stories more than Ever! It's time to tell Yours."

Louise Sommer



"Louise Sommer takes you on a journey through time and history in a pursuit to bring out the best in each and every writer. She has a unique ability to engage, empower and inspire the individuals creativity, using techniques unlike any other I have experienced before. An absolutely brilliant workshop! It flowed seamlessly, whilst being delivered in an informative, interesting and humorous way. Thank you Louise, for propelling me to the next level of my writing. I am eternally grateful."

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Victoria, AU

"Louise Sommer is a fountain of knowledge and inspiration. Never have I met a more passionate and empowering teacher. In a unique and wise way, Louise navigates her students through an incredible landscape of knowledge and insights. Never have I experienced anything like it. And never have I felt so empowered as an artist and person."



"Thank you, Louise!  A powerful, unique and compassionate teacher."

Male Teacher


New Zealand

"I cannot believe how much knowledge Louise Sommer has. It was just amazing the way she was able to make this large landscape of knowledge, relevant and inspiring. Louise pushed you to think out side of the box and develop new perspectives, new ways of thinking. I walked away with so many tools and so much new knowledge feeling very empowered as a writer. "

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Byron Bay

"I love Louise's enthusiasm and encouragement for each persons story. The exercises were effective using both the left and right side of the brain. The course was very stimulating and provided great, varied tools for researching."

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New York

"Louise is a passionate, excellent and 100% commited teacher with vast amounts of knowledge and experience."

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"This was a very inspiring and empowering workshop. Louises approach is unique and just fascinating. Her knowledge is mindblowing and she presents the material and exercises in a fun, relaxed and very inspiring way. I'm ready to write that book!

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Sydney / Holland

"Louise's approach to women in history is so unique and empowering for both genders. I felt so inspired and in some ways, more free after this workshop. Less afraid of talking about our history as men. Thank you Louise Sommer, for making such a difference with your incredible knowledge and empowering person."


United Kingdom

"This is the second event I'm attending with Louise Sommer. The depth and complexity of her knowledge and wisdom is extraordinary, together with being the most compassionate, fun and down to earth person you can imagine. Louise is inspiration - and a very strong person. Out of a million courses, Louise's stand out like stars in the sky. "

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Northern Rivers

"Louise is a fantastic and inspiring teacher who was happy to pitch her teaching to all the levels in the class."




"Louise Sommer knows her stuff - and she is fearless! I understood my role as a storyteller with completely differnet eyes when leaving Louise Sommer's workshop. I felt so empowered, inspired, and ready to get back to writing. Thank you, Louise, for everything."

Happy Woman


Brunswick Heads

"How many authors are dreading to conduct proper research for their book? I participated in the most inspiring, interactive and informative workshop “The Art of Research” by Louise Sommer. It gave me a new tool for writing my novel, a breakthrough to overcome writer's block. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher, Louise."