Deepening Tours to Southern Europe

Herstory - Spirituality - Culture - Creativity

Max. 12 people per group

Tours for those of you seeking something Out of the Ordinary, Off the Beaten Track & Beyond.

Information about the Tours

Responsible travel

It's important to me, that my tours do not create any stress on the local communities that we visit. On my tours, we stay only in hotels and eat at restaurants owned and operated by the locals. This also means, that the food we eat will be produced by local farmers and businesses.

Small close groups / sacred space

Being in a small group allows us all to dive deep into a sacred space within ourselves and together as a group. Journeying together on this sacred path of the hidden camino where we re-connect with our cultural legacy, herstory and innate spirituality. All which will empower our deepest sense of identity and unlock our true living voices. 

What you will get from my tours

  • Re-connect with Womens Cultural & Spiritual Heritance.

  • Personal-Creative-Cultural empowerment via tours, lectures, deep Inner Work and first-hand experiences of our powerful and vibrating cultural heritance.

  • Deep healing and empowerment via our close sacred group.

  • Empowerment of our deepest sense of identity.

  • A small special group with myself as guide and facilitator.

  • Unique access to my research into women in history and spirituality.

What's up next?

Helloworld Travel Lismore City and I are now working on our next tour together which is super exciting. If you are interested in joining my next tour send me an email here.

Helloworld Travel Lismore City

It is part of my ethics, that my tours support local businesses. I am therefore proud that the amazing team behind Helloworld Travel Lismore City has teamed up with me to create these immense tours and experiences. 

My passion, Your Enjoyment

Since the 1990’s I have professionally travelled across Europe tracing iconography, cultural movements and historical elements that were ignored by history. These things led me to truly understand just how removed women were from history. My travels also showed me the extraordinary and powerful legacy that has been left behind by women. It is my passion to open and show this empowering world to you.

The Story behind my Tours

Since the 1990's my research and investigation into the importance of history and cultural heritance, has taken me a to distant places throughout Europe; tracing symbols and iconography, ‘snooping’ around forgotten dusty libraries, visiting overlooked museums, old churches and looking into the folklore, mythology, history and archaeology of these places. 

The thing is, our history and cultural legacy are more amazing, more intriguing and far more alive than ever taught in any history class. And what's even more, our cultural legacy is one of the greatest gifts of strength, inspiration, creativity and storytelling available to us! Legacies left behind by women in history, are extraordinary. And a must for both women and men to experience.


Sadly, so much of our legacy has already been lost, twisted or forgotten, and now we are taught to look down upon and disrespect those  different to our own. In my work as an Educational Psychologist, I constantly see how empowering and healing it is for us to reconnect with the real living history. By doing this, it  enables us to  reconnect with our deeper roots, as well as developping resilience and a true meaningful belonging to Life. 


It is therefore a great honour and joy for me, together with Helloworld Travel Lismore, to open this invisible world to anyone wanting to connect with how alive and vibrating Herstory is - and how much strength and wisdom it has to offer us. 

When signing up and joining my tours and retreats, you accept our booking terms and conditions. So read them carefully. Read conditions here.