Business, Blogging &
the Future!

"I have witnessed again and again how my approach to blogging empower, not just the bloggers, but also their readers. When creating conversations that cultivate empowered connections throughout every culture, we can change the world, one word at the time."

- Louise Sommer


Why blogging is the Voice fo the future.

When I started researching women in history back in the 1990’s, I became acutely aware of the many cultural stories that had been left untold. I realised just how over-simplified these stories, about who we were and where we came from, had become. 

This made me realise, storytelling is the very language of the human soul. The most common ways for us to share our stories are via dance, music, mythology, gossip, conversations, written works and the storytelling of indigenous peoples.


To me, blogging is the modern platform that can embrace all of these voices in all of their colours! This makes the possibilities as a blogger, endless. The essence of storytelling is ingrained in all of us. This makes all of our stories important. They are the colours of our human fabric that bind us to the endless tapestry of life. 

This innate kind of narrative has become essentail for all businesses today. Large, small, creatives, national and international. It is through these stories that we are able to connected across the cold unpersonal platform of the web - and it will be even more so as these C-19 years will enfold in front of us. The fact is that we have only scratcted the surface of the potential of blogging.


Ready to launch your blog to the stars?!